Shaking and pull forward when pass from D to N

  • Hi, my name is Vuctor I'm from Spain so sorry my bad english. This is the only forum that I fond. I have an Hyundai i40 1,7 136cv of 2011. The car give me much fails but here is the last one:
    Some days ago I start to feel a shake when the car it's in Neutral position, but if I press the brake more stronge the vibration reduce a little. When I'm driving on D position the car work perfect and i can't feel any vubration. Othe interesting thing is that when I stop in a traffic light and I pass from N to D I feel a little pull fordward, it's strange.
    I don't know if is relevant but 1 month agonmore less I change the brake pads. All your help wil be important for me. Thanks so much!!